Welcome Back

2017-07-19 17.53.18So, we are finally back on the website front! How long did that take? Way too long if you ask me!

And please if I ever, ever suggest doing another revamp of the website, please god remind me of what happened this time and I won’t be long changing my mind.

Now the bad news, unfortunately my website building knowledge was so bad that all my old blogs from the old website were deleted/lost (its ok I’ve had plenty of time to drown all my sorrows), so essentially, I’m literally starting from scratch again.

That said, in one way I’m trying to look on the positives and because so much has happened since and Our Wheely Big Journey has grown massively I have a hell of a lot to talk about!

What I’m going to do is go on a blogging binge over the next couple of weeks and try and fit in as much of the old blogs that I can remember, just so that the website doesn’t have that totally new feel (even if the dates will be all recent).

So, I’m in no way asking everyone to read them all but I will be trying to get out two blogs a week in the beginning until I’ve caught myself up on some of the things I had written previously.

I want to thank you all for your continued support and I can’t wait to share our journey and all our plans going forward.

All our love

Our Wheely Big Journey x

2 thoughts on “Welcome Back

  1. We are so unbelievably proud of everything you Sharon and Denis have achieved through the deepest love you have for your family and what you have yet to achieve through love,patience and fun to give Sophie and especially Noah a fantastic life with all the barriers you see along the way knocked down.
    You are an inspiration and role model for all families to strive towards. We love sharing your Wheeley Big Journey with you all. Lots of love Mam & Dad

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