Our Adventures and Reviews

I’ve decided I may start with our most recent outing for the review section, and I will update you all then over the coming weeks and months with loads of other places we have been.

The majority of our reviews will be somewhat wheelchair accessible, but, bear in mind Denis and I don’t shy away from anything, be it lifting or throwing Noah on our backs to get to where we want to be!

After all we did climb a mountain with him.

So that said, not all places we review will be wheelchair accessible or wheelchair friendly but I will be sure to let you know that on each post.

What I aim to do in doing the reviews of places we go is, not only show maybe how much we possibly want to put out our backs, but maybe give some tips and advice to those who want to give it a go themselves.

Also, what is worth noting is that Noah’s wheelchair really is about the same weight, I wont say size because some buggys are monstrosities but the majority of our reviews will also be relevant to parents that are hauling buggys around the place as well.

We will also be reviewing trips abroad, restaurants and tips and tricks on this section.

Hopefully this will interest a lot of you and as I have said before if there are any places you want us to review or recommendations please let us know.

All our love

Our Wheely Big Journey

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