Sunday Funday – Blarney Castle and Gardens

This is our first Sunday Funday since the relaunch of our website, and what a great one it is.

We will be bringing you a Sunday Funday each week if possible of different things to do or visit that we have done personally.

We headed off to Blarney Castle and Gardens a place that I’m ashamed to say we have not visited as a family until today.

And my word am I kicking myself that we haven’t visited before today.

It has everything an active family could want.

Caves, forest paths, ponds, waterfalls,wishing steps, the list goes on and on.

I think naively we thought that it was just the castle where you could kiss the famous Blarney Stone which Sophie and I did, and although that it is great fun it’s so much more than the castle.

There is a gorgeous cafe, gift shop not to mention events throughout the year.

Now, the serious bit.

When it comes to accessibility obviously the castle itself is not wheelchair accessible or some of the other attractions like the wishing steps or some of the forest paths.

However there is plenty of paths that are accessible and there is no charge for anyone in a wheelchair along with the carer.

If you havent visited Blarney Castle and Gardens yet, I’m not messing when I say put it on your list right now and I mean it when I say right now!

I’ve only put in half the pictures I took today, it was impossible to stop taking pictures at every turn.

We will 100% going back throughout the seasons, as I think it’s a place that will always have something new to give.

A full 10/10 for this amazing attraction.

All our love

Our Wheely Big Journey xx

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  1. Haven not been there for years but having read your blog I can not wait to return there. Great blog by the way. Good luck with it

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