Winter is Coming

I used to love winter, cold crisp days, long nights and if I was lucky some snow.

However when the kids came along, especially Noah I dread the coughs and colds that seem to come along with it.

Noah’s first few years were relatively ok, with him getting no more or no less than most children.

However, the last two years we have ended up in hospital with him for a week at a time combating some sort of nasty cough or bug.


Noah helping the nurses at our last hospital stay.

So, as we head into another winter season I’m keeping everything crossed that the furthest we will travel is to our local GP.

With that said here are some of the top things we do to try to ensure we have a relatively healthy winter season.

(*** Please note this is not a substitute for visiting your GP if you are unsure about your own health or your child’s, these are merely my thoughts on how we are going to keep ourselves in good health for winter)

The Flu Jab – I cannot emphasise enough the importance of getting the Flu Jab, Noah and I get it every year (I get it because I’m in and out of hospitals and clinic appointments with him), now you are probably thinking but sure he still ended up in hospital!!

Yes he did but not with the Flu.

And before you say, the Flu Jab does not give you the flu, it is not a live vaccine so it can’t give you the Flu!

You can find more info here on the HSE Website

Fresh Air –  I try to make a point of getting the kids out in the fresh air at least for half and hour every day or at least open windows to let in some fresh air.

2017-04-24 11.02.06-2

The biggest problem with winter illness’ is the fact that we are all enclosed (I feel) in doors all the time and its very easy to pass the bugs around.

I think that if we try to get some fresh air most days surely that will help fight the bugs and sure if not it wont do you any harm.

Salin Salt Therapy – We were very lucky to be given a Salin Plus Air Purifier back in May.

Noah had just started to get another cough and I just thought there was no end to him being sick after just having his hospital stay.

We were sent out one of the Salin Plus Air Purifiers and other than when we have been away we have been using the Purifier consistently every night.


This winter will be the proper test for the purifier but I do feel that it has been helping Noah and stopping him from getting and severe coughs and colds.

I hope that it will help him massively this winter.

You can find all the info and purchase here at the Salin Salt Therapy website.

Hand Washing – Its torture trying to get kids to wash their hands and with Noah impossible to get him to stop putting his hands into his mouth (biting his nails).

But to the best of my ability we consistently wash our hands and if we can’t wash them sterilise them, especially before eating and this is the same within school.

Washing your hands regularly is the single most effective way of stopping the spread of many common infections

There are many other things I do but more so specifically to do with whatever bug the kids pick up.

I’m one of those people who would put the onion on their head if I thought it would help, I’ve gone through all the old wives tales, health food remedies etc etc.

Sometimes you just have to let the bug run its course and I always always say if you are ever in doubt just visit your GP.

Each time Noah has ended up in hospital it’s because I’ve followed my gut and knew he wasnt well and each time I was right, so if you are in doubt or not happy just go and get checked it’s the safest thing to do.

Heres hoping well get through this winter without a holiday provided by the HSE.

All our love

Our Wheely Big Journey x


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  1. Aw Sharon. You are brilliant. The HSE should be paying you a salary for all the good advice you give out FOR FREE. Here’s to a happy healthy few winter months. ❤❤

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