Exercise – the thing I love to hate.

Oh exercise that thing that we are all supposed to do but for the majority of us it’s easier to come up with an excuse than do the bloody thing.

I’ve had many break ups with exercise over the years, so many in fact that we have been apart more than together.

Now when I talk about exercise I’m talking about that muscle cramping, sweating buckets and not being able to catch your breath type of exercise.

But what is it with the benefits of exercise I can’t get into my head?

It’s proven that exercise is incredibly beneficial not only physically but mentally aswell.

But why for the love of god can I not remember that.


Lately I have been really working hard on being positive in my body and focusing more on my mental health which, although I hit a rough patch recently it has mostly been very positive.

I’m beginning to realise if I’m happy in my own skin the way it is right now that actually everything else might fall in to place naturally.

So with that said after some more gentle persuasion from my amazing sister-in-law (now Karen I hope you read this!) I I’ll be honest reluctantly went to a Zumba class with her.

Now I have been getting out for walks a plenty since Ivy came along (it’s only fair after all) and we all know there is nothing like a walk out in the fresh air.


So trying to convince myself that it would be ok with my two left feet and not one alcoholic beverage in my system that I would be able to shake my boobies, not trip over myself and let loose my inner belly dancer was no mean feat.

But I went back and my god did I realise how much I missed getting my Zumba on (it’s been years since I went).

Although you might feel a bit silly and possible laugh out loud at yourself it has made me feel so much better.

I’m going to be cheeky and say that our Zumba teacher in the Mitchelstown is possibly the best in the country although I would hate to get in a dance off with her.


But in all seriousness I’m going to keep it up this time just start with this one thing and my walks and hopefully as my mental health improves then maybe my physical body will follow and even if I don’t lose any weight which I don’t really care either way I’ll sure be able to shake the ass I have!!


So be good to yourself everyone and find what exercise you enjoy you will reap the rewards trust me.

All my love

Sharon x

2 thoughts on “Exercise – the thing I love to hate.

    • That’s exactly it exercise seems to be one of those things unless you do it regularly you loose it very quick. What I’ve done this time now is to not try too much too soon so I’m just doing the Zumba once a week at the moment and going for walks every other day. We’ll see now how xmas goes 😄

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