Some Me Time

Once you become a parent, me time becomes a distant memory especially in those first few years when the kids are really small.

I have always been one of those parents who is very slow to ask other people to mind my children (not that I think there is anything wrong with people who do).

I think when we just had Sophie it was my way of showing people who even though I was a young mother I was independent and ready to show the world that I had this parenting thing all sussed out and I didn’t need time away from my child either on my own or with Denis.

But since Noah has come along I think it has become something more.

It was a perfect storm of sorts, my anxiety, Noahs medical problems and my fight to keep control over everything.

Those first few years of Noahs life I genuinely didn’t want to go anywhere without him and even the times I did I didn’t enjoy them.

All I did was constantly check in on him and think about both kids all the time.

However now I recognise the huge importance of “me time” how I should have listened to those closest to me telling me that I needed to get out for some time alone or at the very least time with Denis on our own.

Now I’m not talking about luxurious nights away all the time or weekend trips to Paris (great if you can afford them), I’m talking about trips to the cinema, even a meal in McDonalds just any couple of hours to yourself.

So, although I still get a bit anxious initially when I leave the kids and I possibly check in on them a little bit too much, I now recognise the importance of getting away not only for my self but for the kids as well.

(A posh night away for my Mams Birthday)

After all a stressed out mother after hearing mam 50,000 times in one hour, cleaning up the never-ending mess and putting away the magic basket of clothes that never empties definitely needs at least one night or couple of hours away every now and again.

(A rare night out with the ladies of the family)

So please Mammies and any Daddies reading this don’t forget about the most important person in the house………YOU!!!

All our love

Our Wheely Big Journey.

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