Review-Games Expo Ireland

On Sunday last we headed off to Dublin at what felt like the crack of dawn for a Sunday to the Games Expo Ireland  a small bit of surprise for Noah as he had been effected by the Gamercon fiasco before the summer.

I’m not lying when I say he had butterflies the whole journey up in the car and he was imaging what would be there.

Now, no trip to Dublin with our family would be possible without getting lost and after (clears my throat) a few tense moments we eventually made it to the RDS.

Now there was a fee for parking of €7, we were exempt from that with Noah but you would want to take it into account to add-on to the total cost.

The fee for a family into the event was €50, for us it was €40 as we got the carer (me) for free.

(For anyone with a disability or if they have a family member with a disability be sure to always ask no matter where you go for a carers rate).

Now the event was split into to main areas (I wouldn’t be over familiar with the RDS but its a huge floor space).

On one side you had all the vendors selling everything gaming related with a retro gaming area, DJ area and loads more.

And on the other side you had the Nintendo switches, the main stage, a tournament area, minecraft stage and loads more.

The event itself was what I would have classed as quiet and although I would imagine the organisers would have preferred to see it busier it was great for anyone there because there were no problems whatsoever with getting to have a go of all the games.

Noah absolutely loved it. I mean loved it so much that I don’t know how his legs didn’t fall off with all the kicking he was doing with excitement.

Would I say it was worth it?

If you have a gamer mad child, want to experience seeing people dressed up as famous characters, or want to experience some of the retro games that you would have enjoyed as a child then this is the event for you.

We will definitely be going back next year!

All our love

Our Wheely Big Journey x



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