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I wanted to do up this blog post to explain a recent Facebook post I did in relation to the abuse of disabled parking bays.

Since Noah has been born and we realised how seriously physically effected he was I knew that disabled parking bays were something we were going to need very early on.

Once we had applied for the badge, received it and began to use it did I realise how much these disabled bays were being abused by others.

I have always shown and been very vocal about my issues with people who abuse these spaces, but I have recently got to the stage where I feel the need to just, in a way, give up trying to show people the error in their ways.

I have confronted people, I have approached the traffic wardens, guards and local businesses about the issue but honestly there has been absolutely no change whatsoever.

There are lots of different issues surrounding the abuse of these spaces.

You have the people who don’t have a badge whatsoever, the people who have one but abuse it i.e. use a space when they don’t have the person in the car that the badge relates to or you have the worst of all, the people who obtain a badge fraudulently (yes this happens I have yet to try and understand it).

The other issue I have come across is if I talk publicly about this I begin to get an awful lot of the phrase “not all disabilities are visible” and what I never cease to understand is what people want my response to be to this?

Sorry because Noah’s disability is visible or that everyone should get a hall pass when they need it?

What I have said time and time again is that the spaces are for disabled parking badge holders regardless of the disability and there is nothing I can do about people’s ignorance once you are using the badge correctly then you have nothing to be ashamed of.

If we were to start giving everyone the benefit of the doubt that they are only using the space when they really need it, then how do we ever regulate it.

I had no other choice but the write the post I did because no one that does this really seems to care so all I can do is apologise to my son for the actions of others.

You can find the post here – Our Wheely Big Journey Facebook

So, I hope this makes people understand a bit more and maybe just maybe think too.

All our love
Our Wheely Big Journey

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