How to survive the Christmas Holidays with the Kids

Christmas is like a game of two halves where kids are concerned, on one side you have all the excitement, happiness that goes hand in hand with waiting for Santa and the gifts they are about to receive, and the other side is the time off school and the living in each others and family members pockets for two weeks.Now this isn’t going to be one of those blogs that’s going to tell you anything new or have a spell that will make the Christmas Holidays go smoothly with no fighting between siblings or give the saying Cabin Fever a whole new meaning.

I’m going to give you a few ideas once the initial Christmas few days are over as to how to survive the rest of the Christmas Holidays with the kids until they return to school

  • Get Outside –  Unless it is lashing rain there is no reason as to why you shouldn’t get outside in the fresh air over the Christmas period. It really doesn’t need to cost you anything and it will be great for the kids especially with all the bugs and illness that go around during the winter. We love to go to the woods in the winter or if you want to go to somewhere that there is something to see we would highly recommend either a pet farm like Leahys Open FarmClonfert Pet Farm,Fota WildlifeDublin Zoo or another place we personally love if you are in the Munster region is Blarney Castle and Gardens. Put it simply itll let the kids run riot even if they do get dirty and it will definitely make them tired so it’s a win win.


  • Go to the Cinema- Simple pick a film any film, sneak in some of the Selection Box sweets and Mammy or Daddy buy yourself a popcorn and enjoy peace for two hours
  • Make a Cabby/Fort –  Denis is a builder so he really goes all out when it comes to cabby/fort building. But realistically all you need is a couple of sheets, some furniture (chairs ideally) and pillows and blankets. The kids absolutely love it and if they were allowed they would never take it down.

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  • Go Baking –  Listen you don’t need to go all out with elaborate cakes or anything, you’ll have plenty of chocolate I’m sure from Christmas so go for something simple like Rice Krispie buns or Queen cakes. The Odlums website has some very simple recipes you can have a look here –
  • Play Together – I know this might sound like a weird one but what I’ve found from past Christmas is that sometimes we didn’t just actually sit down and play with the kids (I’m not talking about Christmas Day here), a lot of kids will have new books, construction toys or board games, so play together the house will still be there when you are finished don’t worry about the housework.

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  1. Take a Trip for a Night – Now I know that most people probably wont be able to afford this but if you can then a trip away for a night or two might work for some. There are some great deals out there over the winter period, I had a quick look at the Select Hotels Ireland website and there are some great packages available. But that’s just an example there will be plenty of Hotel deals but my one tip is ring the hotels directly and see what is the best package they have available.

Now I know a lot of parents will have to go back to work shortly after the New Year but these tips can really work for any time of the year not just for Christmas.

And most of all we really hope and wish everyone has a fabulous and relaxing Christmas and we cant wait to see what 2018 has to bring.

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