How to cope when kids are sick

When you find out you are having a baby your first baby that is no matter what anyone tells you, you are still naïve enough to think that all the horror stories you hear from others aren’t going to be as bad for you.

One of the things you can’t really prepare for but it is an inevitability is when your baby or child gets sick.Now don’t worry I’m not talking about anything serious like Noah’s syndrome or anything scary, I’m talking more about the minor complaints such as cough, colds and virus’ etc.

We all hear the ads on the radio and see them on the TV about being sensible when the children are sick but realistically its hard not to get worried and sometimes think the worst.

So after spending the last week or so tending to Noah and a particularly bad chest infection (thanks be to god a hospital admission hasn’t been necessary thus far) I thought I would do up a blog about what I think are the most important things to remember when your child gets sick.

I should say that I at times when it comes to Noah I struggle myself to follow my own advice so don’t think I’m some hard ass mam that has her head firmly screwed to her shoulders I don’t!!

Now please remember this is not a substitute for medical advice but more so my take on how I cope when the kids get sick.

  1. Breathe –  The first thing you need to do is not panic. If the kids happen to get a high temperature, blocked nose or a cough don’t panic. Get the thermometer check the temperature and then get your best friends for the next couple of days Calpol and Nurofen (make sure and read the label).
  2. Trust your Gut –  If you are unsure, unhappy or for any reason not comfortable then get advice. Pharmacists are a fountain of knowledge and often have all the answers for minor complaints and if not they will advise you to go to the GP. Also if you have health insurance make sure and check your plan a lot of plans have Nurse or GP phone lines which will be free.
  3. DONT Google –  Mother of God hands up I’m really guilty of this but if you can please resist the urge to google symptoms, trust me it will have you redirected to Funeral Directors with a mild cough. One of the best websites is the NHS sorry HSE  but the English equivalent of the HSE has a very comprehensive website and very practical advise you can go to the website here – NHS Website
  4. Rest –  Make sure that you take time for yourself as well to get some rest if its possible. Going outside and getting some fresh air is brilliant not to mention the magical properties of coffee. Also more importantly try to get some sleep if it’s getting a snooze if your child is asleep themselves then do, don’t worry about the house itll still be there when they are all better and if you have to get a takeaway for a couple of nights in a row so what!
  5. Open Windows – I know this is a weird one but I really find that there is no substitute for fresh air so, if you can’t get outside then just open a few windows and let the fresh air in trust me itll make everyone feel better.

At the end of the day getting sick unfortunately is part and parcel of life. But when you are a parent its extra hard to watch the kids being sick and miserable.

What though as parents we always need to remember is that if we don’t take care of ourselves we wont be able to take care of those that we love the most.

So the next time those blasted bugs hit your house don’t forget to take care of you aswell and everything will be alright in the end.

All our love

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2 thoughts on “How to cope when kids are sick

  1. This really resonated with me Sharon. I always get really stressed when my daughter isn’t well. Or if she falls I have a freak attack.
    I think we as mothers have to sit back & think to ourselves we are bloody brilliant & we’re doing a great job!

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