Trying to find my identity again and hold on to it.

I became a mother at 20 and sometimes I wonder how much it changed my identity and who I might have become had I not had children until a later time.

It was only when Noah came along and those first couple of years after his birth that I no longer recognised the person I was or who I wanted to be.

There is no point pretending, parenting changes you and in most ways that’s not a bad thing but sometimes its easy to forget that you are still entitled to have the same wants and needs as the person you were before this little human being came into your life.


(some of those fun days)

It has only been since I set up Our Wheely Big Journey that I realised that through the blog and talking non stop into my phone that I was beginning to recognise who I was again.

Now that all sounds very dramatic but stick with me on this one, and I think this is true for both Mams and Dads.

When kids come along everything can become very monotonous, days meld into each other and you begin to wonder are you ever going to get a proper nights sleep again or is there anything else to life then paying bills and making sure the children survive

For a good length of time that’s how I felt bar the odd glimpse of the old me on nights out, family holidays etc.

When Noah came along I not only had the mother label I now had the carer label and Sharon was nowhere to be seen.

And I wonder how many more parents feel like that?

Over the last year I’ve been finding the old me more and more, Ive done things that I always wanted to do i.e got my nose pierced (bloody hurt too), and I’m starting to talk about myself more on Instastories (stupid things like makeup I like).

The most important thing of all is that I’m beginning to realise albeit a bit late that becoming a parent doesn’t mean you need to lose your identity, if anything it should be something you need to hang on to with both hands

Because you know what, now that I’m showing my children who is underneath the mammy, the carer, the taxi driver the more they are appreciating me and surprised that you know what maybe Mam is fun!

So Mams and Dads its time to give yourselves a challenge and find that old identity of yours and let the kids see who you were before they came along, even if that does mean getting your nose pierced.

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All our love

Our Wheely Big Journey

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