Parenting teenagers and why it scares the life out of me!

I feel like it was only yesterday that I was a teenager myself, and I can’t believe that now I’m raising a teenager of my own.

Sophie came into our lives when we were 20, so at the tender, very young age of 32 I’m beginning to wonder is our age going to hinder or help us with raising a teenager??!


It’s crazy to think that only 20 years ago I was the same age as Sophie is now, and my word how times have changed in that short period of time.

Now, we not only have to be parents but technology experts aswell.

I mean when the internet became a big thing when I was 15 with the dial up connection it was very easy for my parents to come in and see what I was doing, it wasn’t like I was able to run up to my room with the 2 tonne PC, or even click out of something quick enough to not get caught.

Nowadays I feel I should be going back to college to do a degree on all the new social media apps, text speak and the latest online dares and challenges that teenagers are doing.

Being a teenager in today’s world seems like such a mine field and I’m now beginning to feel that as the parent I’m tripping up on some of the wires.

We’ve had the mood swings, the defiance and me thinking that she absolutely hates me with the last year or so, but I’m beginning to think that this is the tip of the iceberg and like the titanic I’m shitting myself that we might crash and sink!

We’ve had the comments that she wants to watch her weight and what she eats, had to talk to her about the dangers of speaking to strangers online, teach her about boys, about cyber bullying, about what to do if someone asks her to send them nude pictures and I’ve had to break the news to Denis that she now wears bras and I need to buy her sanitary items (he’s traumatised).

It truly was easier to parent her as a baby than as a teenager.

The only thing I can try and tell myself is that all we can do is talk openly with her, and let her know that we are here to support her.

Educate ourselves as parents, be it in technology or what issues teenagers are struggling with the most.

Listen, listen, listen.

More importantly is that we can’t be hard on ourselves and we can only do our best, and I think once we know that surely all will be ok.

Other than that if she’s anything like me I’ve only another 7 years to wait before we are best friends like my Mam and I!


Back when I had no wrinkles and Sophie couldn’t talk!

All our love

Our Wheely Big Journey

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