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I’ve always promised myself and our followers, that if we are ever sent any products that we will ensure that the subsequent review is honest and fair.
Hence it has taken me close to a year to do the review on the Salin Plus Salt Therapy Unit that we got sent.
I knew that to give an honest review I would need to wait until the winter season to see if the unit really does what it says on the tin, and I’m glad to say that I believe it does.
Noah’s condition is such that he has weak muscle tone and scoliosis which can have an impact on his ability to clear chest infections, coughs and colds effectively.
Essentially Noah’s cough is very weak so, often he ends up developing an infection which needs either antibiotic intervention or unfortunately like the last two winters and in-patient admission into hospital for a week each time.


When we got sent the Salin Plus Salt Therapy Unit I was very sceptical about how this was going to make any difference to his respiratory issues when they arose.
But, I’m one of those parents who will try anything to help the kids when they are unwell, even if it meant doing some sort of dance around an open fire I’d do it, so I was willing to give this a go.
Now, the unit should be on each night, not just when you or your child are unwell and by rights the filter should be changed every 4-6 months (I only changed it after 7 months I’m bold), and to be fair we stuck to putting the unit on every night.


So, you may ask how does this work?
The truthful answer is I don’t have a notion, but on the Salin Plus Salt Therapy website which you can find here they explain it as follows:


The benefits of Salt Therapy can be attributed to its anti-inflammatory effects. Once inhaled, the microparticles of salt penetrate deep into the lungs which can help unblock and remove any blockages and build up of mucus and foreign allergens. Salin® Plus uses Micro—crystalline salts that are fanned through the air to relieve breathing difficulties.


And so, without further ado, what did we think?
Well the proof was really in the fact that we didn’t end up having an inpatient admission this year, and the most of Noah’s coughs and colds didn’t need any intervention.
(Just to note Noah gets the flu jab every year and, we did have to go to A & E New Year’s Eve for a couple of hours while he received a chest x-ray to check if he had pneumonia).
What I have found is that it seems to reduce both the severity and the duration of the cough or cold and overall this winter was a huge improvement on the last few winters we’ve had with Noah.
Would I recommend getting this unit?
The answer is Yes.
If you have a child who is prone to respiratory issues, suffer with asthma yourself or tend to be prone to coughs and colds it’s 100% worth getting.
The only things to note are that the unit does make noise (it has never affected our sleep though) and the replacements are roughly €50 each time and as I said it does recommend you change them every 4-6 months.
But to be honest though neither of these points should put you off as I have seen the difference in Noah this winter season and for that I’m grateful to this little unit.
All our love
Our Wheely Big Journey

P.S The team at Salin Plus Salt Therapy have kindly given me one of their units for a prize giveaway. You can head over to our Facebook page to enter, the competition will be live at lunch time tomorrow.

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