Review : The Bubblebum Booster Seat

A couple of weeks back we were kindly sent/gifted a Bubblebum Booster Seat for Noah to try.

Due to his syndrome Noah is very small for his age, so I was interested to see if I could use the Bubblebum in different situations.

The reason being?

The Bubblebum is inflated using air i.e you blow the booster seat up like a balloon, so this means that once deflated it is very portable, not to mention the fact it comes with its very own stretchy carry bag (I was nearly as impressed with the carry bag as the seat).

For us this meant that we were able to bring the Bubblebum with us not only to use in the car but in restaurants, the cinema and visiting family.

Now the Bubblebum is marketed mainly as a car booster seat, so with that said how did we find it in the car?

2018-04-23 15.51.41

Well our first day using it was Noahs birthday and he had two friends in the back with him.

So while Noah sat in his own seat, one of his friends used the Bubblebum.

What I was most happy and impressed with is the fact it was so neat and the boys had plenty of room with the two boosters and Noahs car seat in the back.

And once we reached our destination I simply deflated it, put it in the carry bag and brought it with me so Noah could use it eating and in the cinema.

For us, because special needs equipment is so expensive we are always thinking outside of the box as to how we can use “normal” items to do the same thing as some special needs equipment.

And what we have found is the Bubblebum did just that.

It gives Noah the boost (no pun intended) in different scenarios while being discreet at the same time.

2018-04-23 15.55.14
All set for another adventure

While it wouldn’t give him the support to be sitting on it for too long its perfect for short durations like in restaurants etc.

So it’s a thumbs up for us and definitely something we would recommend certainly for the car and travel.

For information on the Bubblebum please click on the link – Bubblebum

All our love

Our Wheely Big Journey

FYI – As I’ve said above the Bubblebum is a car booster seat and is licensed as such, we just chose to use it in different scenarios of our own

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