Tips and tricks for a long haul flight with older kids and adults.

Long haul flights, although the final destination may be a dream come true, the flight itself can feel never-ending!

While a long haul flight with a baby or a toddler can be a lot more stressful, that doesn’t mean that older kids and adults may need a few tips and tricks themselves to avoid stress on their flight.

Sophie (12) and Noah (7) will be heading on their second long haul flight this summer, and we learnt a lot from our first time around.

And sure why not share that advice with you all.

So without further ado,

1. Snacks Although there are plenty of snacks to buy on the plane, along with being served free meals depending on the length of the flight, it’s still really important to bring some snacks that the kids like with you. In flight food is usually very expensive, so if nothing else it will save you some money.

When it comes to snacks, as much as the kids probably won’t like it, stay away from chocolate. The reason being is it melts! It’ll stain clothes and chances are you’ll be sitting on bits of it by the end of the flight (ya that looks great getting off the flight!).

What I usually do is head to a local discount shop and stock up in different bits and pieces for e.g salted or flavoured crackers, crisps like Pringle’s, which you can close up, jellies, lollipops, biscuits, cereal bars the list goes on.

A nice selection keeps everyone busy, adults and kids included. Not to mention no one being able to complain that they are hungry!

2. Headphones – All long haul flights will have in flight entertainment, in the form of tv, movies etc.

Now while some people can wear those earphones no problem, for kids and myself if I’m watching anything over a long period of time I prefer headphones.

For the flight to use your own headphones/earphones you will usually need an attachment pictured below.


You can buy these quite cheaply and you will have them forever.

Heres the link – Flight Headphone Adapter

For the kids I try to get the headphones that won’t allow them to blow the ears off themselves.

3. Games – Although nowadays everyone has some form of electrical entertainment in the form of tablets, gaming devices and phones, it is nice to bring other games to entertain both kids and adults alike.

First off are puzzle books. They are great to get everyone involved whether it is crosswords, seek and find or spot the difference etc its great to keep the mind busy.

Mini travel games can be great although I would try to avoid anything with small pieces, as if you drop them it may be a nightmare trying to find the pieces again.

Another thing although not a game as such is colouring books, and seeing as its become a popular activity for adults aswell, there is a great selection to be got now in shops.


For the younger kids like Noah I often bring some figurines that he is into, and he has a great time making up games that bring them to life.

4. Home comforts – Although we might like to bring our bed on the plane with us, unfortunately that isn’t an option unless you can afford first class!

For all us mere mortals, there are a few things you can bring on your flight that might make it more comfortable.

Although the plane wont be cold as such, I do find bringing a light blanket makes it that bit more cosy, especially if you want to get some sleep.

Other things to bring would be a pillow, even a neck one will make a difference.

Make sure to wear something loose and comfortable (no not pj’s) and it would be no harm to have a change of t-shirt or socks in your carry on bag to change into at the end of the flight, not to mention its handy in case of any spillage.

Also make sure to have some painkillers packed into your hand luggage i.e parcetomol in case of any headaches, back aches etc.

5. Move – while compression socks for a long haul flight are no harm, I think one of the most important things to do is to move. Children and adults alike should get up and move every hour in my opinion, to stretch everything out.

Heres a link to some great exercises.

Wikihow – In Flight Exercises

6. Hydration – one of the things that makes me personally unwell on most flights is not drinking enough fluids (not alcohol ones), and although you might not be thirsty its important to drink plenty of water, not to mention the fact that it will help you move seeing as you will need to go to the toilet more often.

It’s also very important to make sure the kids are well hydrated.

So they are my main tips and tricks, although I’m sure more seasoned long haul travellers will have plenty more advice.

Please make sure to comment with your tips.

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  1. Do at least 2 -3 transatlantic flights a year with 4 children I find the less sugar snacks the better find cream crackers and cheese very good along with biscuit bars I down load their favorite programs and films in case in flight entertainment isn’t what they want to watch an I pod is good for older children . Most airlines supply blankets coloring books and pencils for children and give them free ice cream and drinks have only come across one that didn’t supply them and that was Aer Lingus

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