A letter to our assistance dog Ivy

How is it that time goes so fast?

A year and a half ago we got the call we had been waiting for, for so long.

Noah had been matched with the Dogs for the Disabled to receive the wonderful gift of an assistance dog.

And six months later, Ivy joined our family.

Now, a year on, it’s amazing to reflect on the change Ivy has brought to our house since she has arrived.

So who is Ivy?

Well Ivy is the most beautiful golden retriever dog I have ever seen (and of course I’m biased, but she really is), she was raised in the most loving foster home a dog could ever have asked for, and along with her brothers and sisters she was trained by the Dogs for the Disabled to see if she could help Noah in his everyday life.

Ivy is trained to help Noah with basic tasks, like picking things up that he drops, helping him to take his shoes and socks off,opening doors etc.

But one of the most important things to us is that she is a selfless companion and friend to Noah.

But wait, before you forget which I think often times we can Ivy is still a dog, and my god does she have some hilarious if not at times frustrating dog traits!

She loves water, swimming in it especially but she can be stubborn getting out (kinda like Noah when he’s in the shower).

She loves a certain eau du cow shit and likes to give herself baths in it.

She’s well able to give a stinky eye and you don’t even want to believe how hard it is to refuse her begging face.

Ivy is a Myers now, inside and out and we are so very lucky that she has come into our lives.

So Ivy, I know you can’t read this but everyone else can, so I’m going to tell them how much we love you and how lucky we are to have you.

Happy 3rd Birthday.


Sharon, Denis, Sophie, Noah, the cats (Jessie,Buttons and Bubbles), Shadow (the pony) and Snowball (the hamster)

Our Wheely Big Journey

PS If you would like to find out more about Ivy’s colleagues at the Dogs for the Disabled please click Here. The charity isn’t government funded so all help is greatly appreciated.

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