Lights, Camera, Action – Our day filming for RTÉ Junior

Keeping secrets is hard, especially when it’s an exciting one!

But back in May, after sending in a successful audition tape of Noah to take part in a new RTÉ Junior show, we got to experience what it is like to film and be part of a TV show production.

The whole premise of the show is about a journey that Noah takes every day, with Noah narrating the show himself, along with some GoPro footage that he would take throughout the Journey.

Now obviously I’m going to be really annoying and not give you too much details, because then you wouldn’t need to tune in when the show airs on Monday the 10th of September at 1.15pm and again at 4.20pm on RTÉ Junior, but there was a lot of family and community involvement which we are really grateful for.


However, there was one thing we all learnt from this amazing experience and that is that we really don’t envy all those people who take part in reality shows.

For 10 minutes worth of viewing, it took us filming from 8.30am to 5.30pm with literally 15 minutes of a break.

The amount of work and organization that went into the day was mind-boggling, there were two cameramen/women, a sound man (who was also sound), and a producer.

But, aside from the craziness and the length of the day, it was an amazing experience and one which we are so grateful we could take part in.

He wasn’t long falling in love with the camera.

So, does this mean Noah is set for the big screen or the little one?

Who knows?

But what I do know is that I’m so damn proud of him.

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