A blog post dedicated to the spot on my face.

This post as per the title is dedicated to the newest addition to my face, my spot.

I don’t think there is anyone on this planet who likes spots, except that Dr Pimple Popper maybe (I’m probably getting the name wrong, but there is no way I can watch any of those videos), and why the hell would you?

They are the bane of our faces, literally!

They seem to know exactly when you don’t want to get them, like for eg when you have a big occasion or event coming up.

They like to make sure they appear as big and as ugly as possible and if you’re really unlucky they will keep growing even when you decide to try and cover them up!

I mean right now, I can only appear on our instastories in black and white for the fear I would turn our followers off with the newest addition to my face.

And no matter all the tips, tricks and advice sometimes you just have to grin and bear the fact that you have a spot.

And in some obscure way they are a good lesson in life.

That, sometimes life will throw a ugly spot at you and eventually after time it will go away, don’t pick it, don’t squeeze it or irritate it, just trust that in time it will disappear and you survived.

Until the next spot.

So, spot this is for you.

Thanks for teaching me a lesson in life, but please don’t come back!

All our love

Our Wheely Big Journey

PS Isn’t amazing how I find material these days!

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