Flu Season 2019 – why you shouldn’t send your children to school if they are sick.

It seems pretty self explanatory, if your child is sick no matter what illness they have been unlucky to come down with they shouldn’t go to school, but, unfortunately as is my personal experience many children are sent to school, when the only place they should be is tucked up on the couch at home with a lot of TLC.

You see, whilst for the majority of children common illness’ like coughs, colds, tummy bugs etc are just one of those unfortunate things they have to go through, for other children it can mean the difference between extended periods off school, time in hospital or even as serious as life or death.

Life is busy, extremely busy nowadays and with the majority of parents working, school has become not only a place for your children to be educated, but also a method of childcare.

And I get that, I really do.

But, being a parent means one of your responsibilities is to care for your child when they are sick, and if that means taking time off work then unfortunately that is what you need to do.

In our case although we take all precautions with Noah to make sure he avoids as many illness as possible for e.g vaccinations, sending him to school is one of those things we can’t avoid.

And with other parents simply keeping their children at home if they are sick, it would make the school environment so much safer for a child like Noah.

Noah is at risk of hospitalisation with every illness he picks up, especially anything cold or flu related and unfortunately the majority of the time it’s from school he picks up all these nasty bugs.

So for my first blog of 2019, I’m asking you a question from one parent to another.

Can you please keep your children at home if they are sick?

Can you imagine if you were that parent who’s child is more vulnerable to common illness’ and you know they’re are children in their class coughing and sneezing when they should be at home?

It’s scary, it really is.

So please please please do this not just for your own child, but for other children aswell.

All our love

Our Wheely Big Journey

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