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So, I read enough apocalyptic books, not to mention the fact that I have seen all the matrix films to know that robots taking over the world is a distinct possibility, but until that day I’m going to take full advantage of everything and anything that is developed to help with the housework.

And one of the greatest robotic inventions that have been developed as far as I’m concerned is the robotic Hoover.

Since Ivy (Noah’s assistance dog) came into our lives I never fully realised how much one dog sheds each day, and whilst I will admit I’m a little obsessed when it comes to hoovering I was getting wrecked hoovering twice a day to keep on top of the golden hairs littered around the floor.


And then I spotted an article on robotic Hoover’s and the recommendations for the best brands, one being the Eufy brand which was recommended as the most affordable brand.

So, after of course not thinking about it at all long enough, I went off and bought it straight away.

(I’ve attached a link here to the Eufy website, were the model we bought is currently on sale).

After waiting for what felt like eternity Noel as we have now christened him (who doesn’t like giving objects names) arrived, and we weren’t long setting him to work.

Our model comes with a remote control, which to be honest the only time we have used it is to send Noel back to his charging base.

My photography skills leave a lot to be desired

But, Noel has made things so much easier and to be honest I don’t know how I survived without him.

Would I say Noel has eliminated my use of my own Hoover completely, no, but what he has done is kept on top of the daily dog hair and everyday dirt that’s trailed in and out of the house.

However I would now Hoover every second day and this would be mainly to pick up the dog hairs on the rugs that Noel didn’t manage to collect.

Noel is quiet, he can be a bit disobedient at times getting stuck under one of our couches and a unit we have in the sitting room (he cries out to us when this happens), but for the most part he does what he’s told, and returns to his charging base of his own accord when his battery is empty.

Troubleshooting tips on the underside of the dust collector

He’s great for getting right into the corners and up against all the skirting boards as he has little brushes that swipe out either side of him.

We try to empty his dust bin after each use and ironically enough I use my own Hoover to clean the filter.

When his battery is fully empty it will take a good few hours for him to recharge, before he’s ready to help again.

The unit comes with replacement brushes and a replacement filter, which was a nice surprise but they can easily be replaced.

It also comes with a year warranty.

However, there are a couple of things to note, he can’t go on high pile rugs and carpet, and he tends to have no real trajectory i.e he’s like someone who doesn’t know his left from his right.

He wouldn’t be great in a house that has a lot of objects or furniture on the floor as he will either get stuck or spend his time trying to Hoover them up himself.

The bottom line really is, is he worth it?

If you have pets who shed the simple answer is yes!

If you don’t, I’m not sure how much of a benefit it would be, unless you just want to have a really cool gadget in the house that will help you clean.

But all I know is I love technology!

All our love

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  1. Based on your review I have purchased one if these. I’m so excited, I hope you are still enjoying yours.
    Love your blogs and posts, keep up your amazing work and spirit. X

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