A trip to Bantry Co.Cork

I must be one of the worst bloggers in the world, it’s been an age, again, since I wrote something on our website, but life takes hold, procrastination is still alive and well, and sure look here we are.

Anyhow a couple of weeks ago, to celebrate not only Mother’s Day but also Noah’s 8th birthday I decided to take the kids to Bantry for the weekend as Denis was off on a stag /bachelor party, and what a lovely weekend we had.

We stayed two nights at the Maritime Hotel, which is located right in the town of Bantry, you can find the link directly to the hotel here.

The hotel went beyond our expectations from the location, to the room, the leisure centre, and the general welcome from all the staff we couldn’t have asked for more.

We were given an accessible apartment style room, it consisted of two rooms one with a double bed and the other living area with a couch that converted into another double bed.

The living area also had a fridge,sink,microwave and tea/coffee facilities which was a lovely extra, and the accessible bathroom had plenty of space.

However the balcony which is attached to the room was unfortunately not wheelchair accessible and with lovely views of the bay it would be lovely in the future if it could be made accessible, although I wouldn’t for a second hold it against the room.

We had breakfast included as part of our stay, and Noah was surprised on the morning of his birthday with a special dish and hat given to him by the head chef and I couldn’t have been more grateful to the staff for making this fuss of him.

Bantry is beautiful town, to be honest all coastal towns are beautiful, and we spent our full day on the Saturday just strolling around the town, taking in the area, shops and of course stopping for food, so here are our highlights.

The pier walk – if there’s one thing you do, make sure and take a walk on the accessible pathway that meets the water’s edge overlooking the bay and all the islands off the Bantry coast. The walkway is flat, smooth and completely wheelchair accessible and just beautiful on a sunny day.

The Stuffed Olive – a gorgeous cafe that you just have to visit for their desserts alone, it is small so if you can’t get a table just make sure to get something to take away.

Forest and Flock – I’ll admit I’m a sucker for Irish craft and design, but this shop is just that extra but special, whilst the kids played chess at an area for kids I ended up not only buying Mother’s Day gifts but also something for myself, be careful going in here with your credit card.

O’Connors Seafood Restaurant – for my Mother’s Day gift the kids treated me to my dinner and it didn’t disappoint, from the front entrance it would appear that the restaurant isn’t accessible but there is actually wheelchair access through the rear of the building. If you like your seafood then make sure and visit O’Connors.

Now, here’s the bit I hate but like most small towns in Ireland the infrastructure i.e footpaths isn’t the best when it comes to accessibility, along with some of the businesses that I’m assuming due to historical value can’t be adapted.

But I do feel it would be ignorant of me to pretend that everywhere is accessible it’s just not and we do have a long way to go, however it shouldn’t stop us from traveling and I do think in time change will come.

So to finish there is so much to do around Bantry and one thing we’ll certainly do when we return, and I have a little more help is visit some of the islands that you can get to by boat.

I’m going to put a link here to the list of the Islands and hopefully at some stage I’ll be able to do up a blog about those.


There’s also a cinema, an amazing huge SuperValu which is great if you want to get bits for picnics etc, and there’s the tranquility and peace of the area too, which can’t be underestimated.

So, let me know if you ever take a trip to Bantry or if you’ve been and have more places we should see the next time we’re there.

Noah getting the celebrity treatment

All our love

Our Wheely Big Journey

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