A trip to Tayto Park Ireland’s only theme park

We have been very lucky over the last six weeks to have experienced Tayto Park not only once but twice.

Our first trip was over the Easter holidays , and it was also our first time visiting Tayto Park.

So, we live in North Cork right on the Dublin motorway and all told the trip took us 2.5 hours each way, which once you’re on a motorway it isn’t too bad, it it’s definitely something to take into consideration when traveling to the park.

The park opens at 10am, and I would certainly recommend being there once the park opens, as there is so much to do you will literally spend the whole day there.

Now, there’s no need to get into too much detail but the park consists of rollercoasters,carnival rides,a kiddie zone,a factory tour,a huge outdoor jungle gym and a zoo with a bird show.

Meeting the lemurs at the new lemur woods interactive experience

My first major recommendation would be to buy the wristbands, unless you’re adamant you are not going to go on any rides then it is well worth the money.

You can get to the ticket section on Tayto parks website here

Next, I would say do the most popular attractions first i.e Cu Chulann, Viking Voyage and their new mini coaster flight school.

The entrance to the new mini coaster flight school

For some reason we were extremely lucky both times we were there, as the park seemed extra quiet (we didn’t have to queue for anything), but I can see it being exceptionally busy during the summer.

My next tip is bring food, plenty of snacks and a picnic, especially if you want to save money, however we didn’t find the restaurant too expensive and they had full dinner options such as carvery dinners for example.

Make sure and wear your runners, there is plenty of walking and exploring to be done, not to mention heels wouldn’t really be appropriate on a roller coaster.

There’s also a petting zoo

You can check all the height requirements etc on their website and also other extra events they may be holding during the summer months.

When it comes to accessibility I have to say I was impressed on one hand but on another I think there are slight improvements to be made.

The wheelchair bathrooms were amazing, perfect amount of space, one has a hoist and they also have a changing room in one of the bathroom areas.

The park itself i.e it’s grounds etc are all perfectly accessible also.

Noah on one of the kiddie rides

Both the cu culann and flight school have lifts which will bring you up to the coaster.

However, there were one or two things which would make the park truly and completely wheelchair accessible and friendly.

There were some rides in the kiddies area which unfortunately would require you to life your child up the steps, also the wheelchair swing was in a place where if a child was using it they wouldn’t be able to see anything else going on as it was behind a shed.

Lastly the Viking voyage is also not accessible as they don’t have a suitable exit scenario should the ride shut down mid ride.

To be fair I wouldn’t hold any of these things against the park, but I do think it’s important to be completely transparent when at the end of the day I would hope at one stage Noah will be independent enough to go to these parks without us.

Heading on the factory tour

We loved Tayto Park both times, the kids absolutely loved it and without sounding like we’ve notions we’ve been to quite a few theme parks over the years, including the world famous ones in Florida, and to be honest Tayto Park holds its own against them all, and I genuinely couldn’t recommend it enough.

So,make sure and let us know if you head there during the next few months or likewise if you have any other suggestions and make sure and try the twisted chips (salt and vinegar were our favorite).

Twisted chips

All our love

Our Wheely Big Journey

PS in the interest of transparency we paid for the first visit ourselves and the second visit was gifted to us for the opening of their new mini rollercoaster flight school.

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