Fota Wildlife Park VIP experience (gifted)

We have had some amazing experiences over the years, one of which was when we brought Noah skiing.

But last weekend we were gifted an amazing experience that I think we will remember forever.

Fota Wildlife Park is situated in Co Cork, a zoo like no other in Ireland were animals like kangaroos, fowl and lemurs roam free around the grounds.

The park is absolutely huge and has only grown over the years since I first went there as a child, and now since I started bringing my own children.

Feeding the giraffes

The VIP tours started around 6 years ago and this gives you a chance to not only see behind the scenes of a working zoo, but also to learn more about how a zoo operates from day to day and their efforts with conservation.

We were taken on our tour by Willie an employee of the zoo with over 30 years and to be honest Willie makes the tour all the more exciting and interesting.

Feeding some monkeys

We were brought behind the scenes to first see the kitchen, where all the food for the parks animals were kept.

It was here we collected all the food in preparation for all the animals we were going to feed as part of the tour.

Fish for the penguins

Willie our tour guide has an incredible passion for his job and you can tell that, not only because of his interactions with the animals but also how he makes sure the tour suits his audience.

He’s incredibly knowledgeable and funny and all four of us hung on his every word.

Making sure Sophie gets her selfie

The tour lasts about two hours and within those two hours we got to feed giraffes, penguins, monkeys and a rhinoceros.

We were driven around the entire park and during the drive Willie would not only answer any and all of our questions but he would also fill us in on fun facts about the animals and information about the park.

There were two options available to us with Noah’s wheelchair one of which was lift Noah into a golf buggy type vehicle and lift his wheelchair on and off into the back (which we chose to do) or we could have walked the park with our tour guide who would have all the bits and bobs ready to go at each stop point on the tour.

If you or your party are a wheelchair user the tour guide will ring you before hand to find out your exact needs and preferences.

Now that we have done the VIP tour I think we all look at Fota Wildlife Park in a different way.

We have such much more admiration of the amount of work they’re doing behind the scenes when it comes to conservation and all of which without any government funding.

I got a selfie too

The VIP experience is something I would gladly pay for to do again and the fact that it is accessible is even better.

I have attached the link here to Fota Wildlife’s website for all the information and prices on the different tours they offer.

The tour we were on costs €165 per family. Children have to be over 4 years of age.

All our love

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  1. Sounds amazing 😊 we are going in a couple of weeks and I think this experience would be fab x

  2. Omg sounds brilliant, sure I would spend that on a day out of the usual normal stuff here in Dublin. Defo gonna bring the gang down over summer. And sure we could meet up then, love the all inclusive Sinead 😂😂Xxx

  3. My three are teenagers but I think this sounds really worth it for a different type of zoo visit.

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