Teaching your child about disabilities, and how it’s essential before they begin school.

It’s August, the end of the summer holidays is nigh, and while most of us seasoned parents can’t wait for school to start-up again, for those first time parents of school going kids it’s a scary new world.

The other day I decided to do up a post on our Instagram and Facebook pages, about the importance of teaching your children about kids with disabilities before they start school.

You can read that here.

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All about Orlando, Florida – Helpful tips to book, plan and enjoy your trip.

It’s all over bar the shouting, or should I say the blog.

We have just returned from our second trip to Orlando, and thankfully it was another success.

So, now it’s time to pass some of the things we have learnt from both trips on to you, and hopefully it will help you have as successful a trip as us.

2018-07-07 23.02.57
First day family picture, we were still smiling at the end too.

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