To the unsung heroes – a thank you to the siblings of special needs children

I’ve being toying with the idea of this video for a long time.

And with the encouragement of friends and family, I decided to go ahead and make it.

Siblings of children with special needs are the unsung heroes, they are amazing and I wanted to make this video to say thanks.

So without further ado, here is the video.

A special thanks to all the amazing families who took part.

Teaching your child about disabilities, and how it’s essential before they begin school.

It’s August, the end of the summer holidays is nigh, and while most of us seasoned parents can’t wait for school to start-up again, for those first time parents of school going kids it’s a scary new world.

The other day I decided to do up a post on our Instagram and Facebook pages, about the importance of teaching your children about kids with disabilities before they start school.

You can read that here.

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Whats Rare is Wonderful Right?

Before Noah was diagnosed we were told there was a chance he had one of two rare syndromes.

One of which was life limiting and the other which was Escobar Syndrome.

Now it was a very strange moment because and this might sound weird to some of you, but we were delighted it was Escobar Syndrome because it meant that Noah would have a chance at a relatively normal life.

He would develop as normal mentally and should live a normal life expectancy.

And not only that we could also pretend that the syndrome was named after an infamous drug lord (its not by the way).
Now that I think about it Noah has been mad to grow a moustache lately mmmmm…??

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